Business Disputes

Getting caught up in a dispute or legal action can be both time and resource heavy for your company, we have a team of expert business litigators who can help you to solve disputes fairly, quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

We cover the following areas of business litigation and more:

  • Commercial Litigation – any dispute that may affect your business. Whether it’s an intellectual property dispute, or dealing with shareholder disputes, we’ll help you resolve it as quickly as possible.
  • Commercial Landlord Disputes – when the place that you do business is at risk, we’ll step in to resolve matters.
  • Employment Disputes – our employment advocates will help you defend, and avoid, employment tribunals. With preventative measures we’ll make sure your employment law requirements have been satisfied.
  • Debt Recovery – cash flow is vital for your business. With our help you’ll be able to quickly recover any money owed, so you don’t get in debt yourself.
  • Corporate and Company Law – we can advice you of the current legislation and make you aware of how this will affect your business.

We will use our legal expertise to advise you if litigation is necessary. We’ll also help you spot when you can settle matters on your own and avoid incurring unnecessary legal fees.

If you do need to take legal action, our experienced team will do all they can to prevent your case going to court. Your focus can remain on running your business whilst we find you realistic solutions.

Our Litigation & Dispute Resolution Team

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