Debt Recovery

Cash is the lifeblood of any business but if your bills are not getting paid your business could quickly end up in trouble.   

We understand the pressures on your time and that it may be difficult for you to chase for payment without adversely affecting your relationship with your customer.

Our knowledgeable and approachable debt recovery specialists will provide advice that is tailored to your needs and budget. We can offer a no win/no fee, fixed price service for routine, undefended debts.

We have vast experience in taking on and winning defended debts both through the courts and without court proceedings, representing both individuals and businesses from across Cumbria.

Speak to us today about recovering the money you are owed.

Debt Recovery

Our Debt Recovery team have an excellent reputation for the successful recovery of money owed to our clients. If you wish to speak to member of the team about an individual or business that owes you money, please contact us.

Initial Debt Recovery Work

Fee Charged if Money is Recovered

Taking initial instructions from you, considering paperwork and writing up to two solicitor’s letters.


Obtaining Default Judgment- IF no defence filed. (Including preparation of documents for Court proceedings, issue and service of Claim Form and applying for Judgment).

£200 + Court Fee

All the above charges are payable ONLY if money is recovered from the debtor. If a Judgment has been obtained, consideration must be given as to how that is to be enforced. The most common methods are: 

Enforcement of Judgment

Fee Charged

Warrant of Control
This is by the County Court Bailiff and includes up to four visits by the bailiff or the final return, whichever is soonest

£100 + Court fee

Writ of Control  
This is by a High Court Enforcement Officer  

£100 + Court fee + HCEO fees.

Charging Order
if a hearing is not necessary

£200 + Court fee

Charging Order
if a hearing is necessary

£400 + Court fee + Land Registry fees

Attachment of Earnings Order

£200 + Court fee

Third Party Debt Order
to include attendance at hearing of application

£300 + Court fee

Insolvency Proceedings

Fee Charged

Statutory Demand   

£50 + process server fee

Petition / court proceedings

Our normal hourly charging rates will apply.

Obtaining Information

Fee Charged

Application for the debtor to attend court to provide information if attendance at court required
Process server fee may also be required

£50 + Court fee

Application for the debtor to attend court to provide information + attendance at court if required
Process server fee may also be required

£150 + Court fee

Use of Enquiry Agent to trace debtor or obtain information

£50 + Agent’s fee

The above charges are for routine and undefended debt matters. All of the above will be subject to VAT at the current rate. Hearings at a non-local court may cost more and/or involve agent’s fees. Any costs or late payment penalties recovered from the debtor are retained by this firm. For defended claims or insolvency matters a no win no fee service is also sometimes available.

Debt Recovery

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