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In the current climate of uncertainty, we have experienced a higher volume than usual of enquiries and instructions to help people to put their legal affairs or those of loved ones in order whilst they stay in the safety of their homes.

One of people’s main concerns has been who will make important choices on their behalf if they are not able to? Although no one likes to consider such a situation, appointing a Lasting Power of Attorney can protect your best interests.

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA’s) allow others to do things for you, be it handling your finances, going to the bank, selling your home or arranging medical treatment.

The main benefits of setting up an LPA now are:

  • You can put your affairs in order whilst remaining in isolation
  • It ensures that only those who you trust can make decisions and act on your behalf
  • Those looking after your affairs can only do things which are in your best interests and while you have mental capacity you are the ultimate decision maker
  • There are lots of different options in the application form to make the LPA fit your individual circumstances
  • It is advisable to get an LPA set up well before you need it. It is more, expensive, time consuming and stressful for someone to help you with your money and property if you have already lost mental capacity

Many of our customers have enquired whether it is still possible to arrange an LPA whilst in isolation, the answer is yes. Bendles Solicitors is offering customers the following service:

  • An initial telephone meeting to offer advice on setting up an LPA. We would only need to see the person creating the LPA once but this can be done at a social distance in our office or at their home if that’s preferable
  • We will tailor your LPA to suit your needs and maximise the agreement’s practicality
  • We then register and store the original LPA in safekeeping for you
  • Highly competitive fees of £350 + VAT for one LPA, £450 for two and if a couple require two each (for both Financial and Health & Care decisions) its £600 + VAT, there is also an additional fee payable to the Office of the Public Guardian which is £82 per form
  • We offer a start to finish LPA service which usually takes on average two to three months to complete

With our consultation we will help you make it that little bit simpler for you and your relatives. We will advise you of all your options and explain the process simply without legal jargon.

Give our Power of Attorney specialists a call on 01228 522215 or email info@bendlessolicitors.co.uk

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