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The impact of the use of technology and the virtual environment on modern-day life has overseen constant widespread changes which is now, and has been for some time, accepted as the norm. To reflect this transformation, the Renters Reform Bill looks to modernise the private rental sector further by introducing a new ‘Property Portal’ for both landlords and tenants, and, where applicable, local councils.

What is the ‘Property Portal’ and how will this help?

The Renters Reform Bill has been predominantly introduced to benefit both landlords and tenants. This is done by helping landlords understand their legal requirements, and where possible, show that they have complied with their obligations as a landlord. This in turn provides scope for tenants to hold their landlords accountable should they fall short of what is expected of them in their role as landlord.

Local councils will also benefit from this new portal. With landlord responsibilities more in the spotlight, their ability to enforce against criminal landlords will be improved as landlords will be required to register their property on the portal. Local councils will also be able to take enforcement action against any private landlord who fails to sign up to the portal.

Why is this necessary?

The overriding aim for this new property portal appears to focus on bringing any criminal landlords to heel and allowing a landlord who is failing to meet their obligations to rectify their compliance, which will be more easily identifiable.

For tenants, with having more accessible information at their disposal, tenants will be able to make more informed decisions on their tenancy with the landlord.

The Bill seeks to improve awareness for both landlords and tenants to understand their rights and responsibilities across the country, ultimately contributing to a fairer private rental sector.

The logistics of the portal remains in its very early and basic stage of development. Bendles LLP will aim to keep you updated as and when further information has been made available regarding this new property portal, and what more to expect later down the line.

When will this change?

These changes are not in force yet. Whilst no dates have been set, the plan is to implement this Bill in two stages:

  • Six months’ notice of the first implementation date will be given; after which all new tenancies will be periodic and governed by the new rules.
  • All existing tenancies will transition to the new system on a second implementation date. After this point, all tenants will be protected from Section 21 eviction.

If you are a landlord or tenant who would like more information on this new Bill, please do not hesitate to contact our legal team on 01228 522215.



Article written by Jack Hannah

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